Movie Review: Talaash (2012)

Sunday, 9th December 2012

Talaash is a very intelligent movie. Everybody has done great work in the movie.

It reminded me of a Night Shyamalan movie that had Bruce Willis in it. I got the mystery about 45 minutes before the end of the film.

In particular, I really like the work done in these departments:

  1. Camera work, cinematography, editing, the background score and mixing
  2. Now, you may be won't notice these things, but I do specifically watch for these things. The dimming of backgrounds, aerial shots, placement of camera, camera angles, the way over-the-shoulder shots were shot, etc. I liked it all. It was mature work.

    Also, the background score was great and the mixing of the audio with the video footage was great, too.

    Finally, the editing was also mature. You can have a great story fall apart because of a bad editor and you can have an average story look alright if the editor knows his job.

    We don't have as good editing over here as we have in Hollywood, but given the means, the effort was commendable.

  3. Direction
  4. The film looked very real. There wasn't a single frame that was exra that shouldn't have been there. Also, laying the sequence of the scenes was important and I think the director did a great job there. The sequence of events in the story wasn't linear; they played around a bit with it and that worked well.

    Most Hindi films overstate the obvious. I think the director of this film did a great job at avoiding that, so that you kept using your brain and you were kept engaged.

  5. Acting
  6. Every body acted superb. Aamir was, as expected, great. Rani Mukherjee was really good. I really liked her performance in this movie. I think she's really matured up from the days of Black. She did a great job in this movie. She kept it very real.

    Honestly, I didn't like Black at all. I didn't like the movie, I didn't like the performances, though everyone worked hard in that movie. Movie making is a tough business. Sometimes, inspite of your best efforts, you don't get it right. So, that's that. But in this movie, you could see that she's really matured up in her performance.

    Kareena was also great. Kareena is a great actress but greatly under-used because of the quality of the scripts/stories (lack thereof) of Hindi movies. But every now and then, when she does get a role that has scope, we get to see how fine an actress she really is. It is sad because our industry has many fine actors who are never given a chance to show their acting skills. In this movie, as in Jab We Met and Omkara, Kareena did get a chance and used it well.

    Overall, everybody did fantastic acting work in this movie. Nothing over the top. Everything was subdued and loyal to the story.

The One Area That Needed A Slight Bit of Improvement: Dialogue
Though in comparison with other Hindi movies, the dialogues were good because they were loyal to the story, and the story was very interesting, but still there could have been some improvement in dialogue.

There was a disconnect in between some places. It was slightly theatrical, which is typical of Hindi cinema, but less so in comparison with the other movies you see. Also there could have been fewer dialogues in places.

Some of the dialogues were unreal. For e.g in the interview between Rani Mukherjee and that psychologist who is trying to console her. That scene could have been written better.

Yet, the actors carried it off really well.

I just saw on the IMDB that Farhan Akhtar wrote the dialogue. I love Farhan's work. I really admire him. Farhan has got very high standards and an unparalleled sense of work ethic. There's a certain quality, a uniqueness, a signature stamp of his work that you can make out.

The discrepencies in the dialogue were really minute and unnotable to the untrained mind. I just happen to be a very critical viewer so I felt them and also very mildly. I think Farhan will grow as a dialogue writer. He's still fresh, and considering that, he's done a superb job.

Over all, Talaash is a very enjoyable film to watch and is highly recommended.

PS: I don't like cheese-cake.

PS: I really like all the Zoya Akhtar movies so far. I find a common theme in all of them. They are inspirational and very entertaining. I connect with them easily.

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