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Join me on Saturday, the 30th of April 2011, at the Radisson Hotel in Sector 18, Noida, at 9 AM sharp, for a full-day workshop about learning a proven method for setting and achieving goals.

What I will present is the result of research on neurolinguistic programming and psychology. It is a time tested method that works. And like every science, it has 50% theory and an equal 50% of actual do-able tasks in the form of an experiement that you will learn in this workshop, and if you apply them, just like 2 molecules of oxygen and 1 molecule of hydrogen produces 1 molecule of water, these principles you learn will produce the results you set out for.


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Tell me more, what's it about?
You might be a person who sets a new year's resolution at the New Year's Eve every year. Or may be you don't. If you don't, then you must have some other mechanism of reminding yourself every now and again of what you want in life. And if you don't, you are in an overwhelming majority. If you randomly pick and stop a 100 people on the street to ask them what it is they want, they'll be just as confused. Most people don't have a clue as to what they want. And they think that question itself is pointless.

Those of you that set resolutions, think back. What did you promise yourself at the beginning of this year? Was it to quit smoking? Or drinking? Or some other bad habit you picked up? To find your soulmate? To pay off your mortgage? To lose a few pounds of weight? To get leaner. To secure a position in your company much higher than your current one? To save up and take your family to Paris for a vacation. Or to London. Or somewhere else?

Where are you with regard to achieving your resolution? Unless you are a die-hard, agressive goal achiever, you too are in the majority of those who set resolutions and forget about them in the second week of January. And it isn't your fault. Real life gets you by its grip and you get busy dealing with it. You have no time to take that vacation you thought you would, and even if you did, you don't have the money. Oh, that book you told yourself you'd write, that can't happen either. Not this year. We'll have to push it to the next year because this year, things are getting madly busy. Never expected that, did you?

That's how most people live their lives. Like casualties. Like things are happening to them and they are not in control.

If I talked to you for twenty minutes and psyched you up to do something about your resolution, you'd probably get all charged up to do something, and you might even take a few steps towards it for the following two or three days. But your enthusiasm will soon dry up in a week's time, when you are alone with no source of motivation, or at the first sight of an obstacle.

Yet, if I asked you again if you really, really, really wanted to have the thing, you'd say you did.

What does that tell us about you?

It means that you, like most people, have the desire to improve your condition in life. And you even sometimes put in the effort. But even then, after some time, something happens that stalls all your efforts and stops you right in the middle of your tracks. Everytime you try, after some time, you either give up, or you have to give up because of other things that are important.

This is what I call a pattern. This pattern that keeps bringing you a few steps back every time you try, until you get busy with the everyday affairs of your life to completely forget about it.

If you knew what was really going on, what the cause of this pattern was, it would set you free. The truth is -- there is something very powerful that is working against you. It has you trapped. And you don't even know. And because you don't know, you explain away your failures to fulfil your resolutions or wishes with excuses such as: no time, no money, can't do it, I'm not good enough, I thought that would happen but it didn't, if only I had received help from there I would have done it -- and so on. The reality, though, is that you are a victim of your own habit. And habit is the mightiest force that governs all patterns in your behavior. And there is only one way to conquer habitforce.

And when you learn that way, the way you look at life will suddenly change. I'll tell you how to flip a small switch in your brain to make this insanely powerful force that is now working against you, to start working for you, and when that happens, boy! everything you set your heart upon will seem within your reach. Everything.

I don't know what you are going through in your life, but I assure you that if you apply what you will learn in this workshop into your life, you will find help and find yourself achieving more in a year than most people do in a decade. You will learn a new way to set goals, a fail-safe method that if you apply, guarantees your success.

Interested? Book yourself a seat for the event. This will be the best money you will have spent in your life.


Where and when is it going to be held?
This will be held on Saturday, the 30th of April 2011 at the Radisson Hotel in Sector 18 in Noida. It will begin sharp at 9 AM and close slightly earlier than 6 PM. If you haven't been to Noida, the hotel is adjacent to the Center Stage mall in the Atta market. If you are coming by car or another means of your own private transport, ask anyone for Atta market. Once you get there, ask anyone for either the Center Stage mall or the Radisson hotel. You can't miss it once you are there. If you are coming by public transport, you can take the metro from Delhi or other NCR regions and buy a ticket to the Noida Sector 18 stop. Don't go to the end to the Noida City Center. This stop is 4 stops before the Noida City Center. Here's a map of the place.

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When  Saturday, 30th April 2011
9 AM - 6 PM
Where  Radisson Hotel, Sector 18, Noida


What's the program schedule? What can I expect?
You first register and book your seat online on this web page, by clicking the Register button at the bottom of this page. As soon as you complete your online registration, you will recieve an email confirming that you have booked a seat at the event. Print a copy of that email you get and bring it on the 30th April 2011 at the venue.

I will send you an email reminder a week before and a day before the event, just so you do not forget about it.

On the 30th of April 2011, at 9 AM, bring the printed copy of the email you recieved as a confirmation of your booking and show it at the registration counter and you will receive a badge for entry into the banquet hall.

Soon after registration, there will be morning tea/coffee with snacks and cookies. The workshop begins sharp at 9:30 AM and goes on until we break for lunch at 12:30 PM. Lunch will be served between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM and the workshop will resume at 1:30 PM.

I will close my talk at 5 PM and open it up for questions from audience, while we are also having tea. This is when we talk one on one. And this one hour also presents us with the opportunity of networking with other people in the audience for any opportunities that you may be looking for in your life.

We clear the premesis by 6 PM sharp.

Some of you are wondering if you are going to have to pay for all the food as well. The answer is no. You would already have paid for that in your ticket price to attend the event. The price is inclusive of food.

9:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM Morning tea, coffee with snacks and cookies
9:30 AM Workshop begins
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM - 5 PM Workshop resumes
5 PM - 6 PM Tea, coffee with cookies
Questions and Answers
One on one
Business networking and getting in touch


Does it cost or is it for free?
Much as I would love to give you this information for much less, it cost me a good deal to make all the arrangements I have made, with all the marketing, newspaper advertisements, posters, promotional material, pamphlets, stickers, phone calls, sound recording, audio visual, press liaison, travel and logistics. But I can guarantee you that this will be the best money you have ever spent. Why?

Do you realize that whatever you spend either becomes an asset or a liability for you. Think of it this way. Anything that earns you more money, or increases your earnability is an asset. Anything that decreases it is a liability. Rich people spend on self-education because they know they are making an investment in themselves. On the contrary, the middle-class is continuously creating liabilities for themselves, buying the most expensive, fancy looking cell phone (Rs.27,000 or more, USD $600.00 or more), or buying branded shirts for over Rs.2,200 (USD $52.00), plasma screen televisions (over Rs.1,50,000, USD $3,571.00) and expensive cars on mortgage, even if they have to commit themselves to a monthly cash outflow, or spend over their monthly income, or use their credit card. And there are no monetary returns that those things can provide you.

Self-education is the only way to make yourself rich. The rich continuously educate themselves and invest in their education.

The regular price for a single seat at this workshop is USD $120.00 (USD One Hundred and Twenty Only).

But if you register by Thursday, the 21st of April 2011, I will give you a discount and you can buy yourself a seat for just USD $60.00 (USD Eighty Only). This works out to Rs.2,700 or less. Your cell phone probably costs more. So do your formal shoes.

At just Rs.2,700 or less, you get all the knowledge I have acquired after years of reading books, listening to tapes, watching videos, meeting people. This knowledge is something you can apply and implement in your life to see yourself change as person and to get results you have never before gotten. And you get to network with all the people at the event. Not to mention you'd be spending your day in a nice ambience enjoying pleasant company and a sumptuous meal at a five star hotel.

This money is an investment in you. Make it. It will pay you back a several times over. If you are feeling the butterflies in your stomach about having to part with some money, let me assure you, this will be an investment that will reap you returns for the rest of your life. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You will thank yourself later.

Also, this price will set the bar high enough to warrant only serious attendees. Only people who are damn serious about their future will be there. The people you will meet at this event will be optimistic, positive people who are progressive and want to do better in life. If you join them, you will become one of them if you are not already. If you already are one of them, then you will most certainly be there. I'll see you there.

If you register by Thursday, 21st April 2011, you pay USD $ 60.00 per person (approx Rs.2,700 or less)
If you register after Thursday, 21st April 2011, you pay USD $ 120.00 per person (approx Rs.5,400 or less)


Are there any group discounts for bulk registrations?
Absolutely! If you book 4 seats or more, you get another 20% off. That means, if you register yourself and 3 more people in one go, all of you get a 20% discount even on the already discounted early registration price. This means, each of you get your ticket for as low as $48 per person. Now, the price is getting insanely low. I am sure you will agree that the reduced price of $48 (approx. Rs.2,160) per person is more than a fair bargain for an event like this.

If you make a bulk registration of 4 or more seats by Thursday, 21st April 2011, you pay USD $ 48.00 per person (approx Rs.2,160 or less)


How do I pay? What are the payment options? Can I pay you by cheque?
Well, the only way to pay me is by registering online by clicking the Register button at the bottom of this page. That links to a well-known event registration and payment processing product called RegOnline. If you know me personally, however, or if you don't have a credit card, I would be happy to accept a cheque from you in-person latest by the 22nd of April 2011 and not afterwards.


Hey, Sathyaish! I know you personally. We're pals. We're cousins. We were classmates. We were workmates. So, I'm thinking...I won't register. I'll just turn up, right?
Wrong! Try that. There is a registration counter at the entrace of the banquet hall, and they will not allow you inside unless you have a printed copy of an invitation, which you recieve upon registering for the event by clicking the Register button below. That's the only way to attend this event. I can tell, everyone who knows me calls me up is in anticipation that they'll get a free ride. I know that that's what they're thinking at the back of their head, "I'm special. Can I get a free ticket?"

I wish. But I have to eat, too. If you are my friend or relative, you'll understand that. There is an implicit law that this universe operates on, and that is, that there is no such thing as something for nothing.


Ok, so can I just turn up and pay you cash or by cheque on the d-day?
Not really. I won't be accepting cash or cheques or cattle or any other mode of payment on the day in-person. That is because any event held at a hotel, if it accepts payments at the time of the event, technically falls under the category of an entertainment event, and is liable to an entertainment surchage of 51% on the sale price. Therefore, if you decide to pay the event ticket price on the registration counter without registering online, you will have to cough up an extra 51% tax on the ticket price, which doesn't go to me, by the way. And it doesn't go to the Radisson hotel either. It goes into the government's kitty. So, why pay more money to the government?

If you don't have a credit card, or find difficulty paying online, and you know me personally, I'd be happy to collect a cheque or cash from you in-person before the 22nd of April 2011. No cheques or cash or cattle or whatever afterwards. If you pay by cheque, I will be able to give you a confirmation of your seat only after I have cleared your cheque.


I am scared. I have never done an online transaction. Will you get to know my credit card information? Is it safe to pay online by clicking the Register button below?
Oh, absolutely! Welcome to the online ecommerce market. It is absolutely safe here. I get to see none of the information you enter. In fact, all of your payment processing is done by a very renowned event management and payment processing product named RegOnline owned by a company called ActiveNetwork. I get to see nothing. Don't worry. And for those of you who have conducted online business, this is just like any other normal online purchase transaction that you might have done on the Internet in the past. Like if you bought something from Amazon or eBay or wherever else. It is just that way. When you click that Register button below, you are taken to a secure payment website using a secure encrypted connection. I have no control over anything after you click the Register button. It is absolutely safe.


Still, I am scared. I don't know how to pay in U.S dollars. I only have an Indian rupee denominated credit card. Can I use that to pay?
Yes. You don't need to have a U.S dollar denominated credit card. You pay with your regular credit card that was issued to you by your Indian bank. Even though your credit card is Indian rupee based, your credit card issuing bank will take care of the conversion between USD and Indian rupees.


You are charging me USD $60. Will I also have to pay for the food?
No. You don't have to pay for the food separately. All of that is included in the ticket price.

People in the US and a few other countries charge big money, upto even $5,000 (USD Five Thousand Only) per person for the knowledge I am going to give you for just $60 (or even $48 per person if you get 4 or more people to register, i.e. yourself and 3 more people).

What you get from this workshop is not quantifiable in monetary terms. It has the potential to change your life. If you apply it, and accept it, and take it to heart, you will be able to create for yourself all that you wish for.


Who are you to be teaching this stuff? Did you invent all of this? How did you know about this stuff? You must be self-accomplished already if you know this stuff and use it?
I am an entrepreneur. I am one amoung you. Until very recently, I was working for a software firm in Noida, until I quit my job to go into business for myself. I have not invented the technique I will teach you at the workshop. It was discovered as long ago as the roots of mankind can be traced. But I stumbled upon it first without having any knowledge of it. I stumbled upon it by accident about 18 years ago. But at the time, I had no conscious knowledge of these principles. I merely started making habits to get efficient in the use of my time.

I've always been an avid reader. In the recent years, some of the books I read laid down these principles in so many words. And that was when my conscious attention met with them. My first reaction was, "Goodness gracious! This was exactly what I was doing about 18 years back." And I had a period of complacense during which I did not apply these techniques. But after having rediscovered them in books, I began researching this subject extensively. In the last 2 years or so, I have read many, many, many books on this topic and related topics, and listened to tapes and watched videos and met with people about getting a better understanding of this.

Now, for the last two years, from my extensive research, reading and the sincere, practical application of these techniques, I learnt many more things on this subject than I had known and practiced 18 years ago. And since then, I have been consciously applying these techniques, and the results have begun to show up now. In fact, in the last two months alone, the application of these techniques has caused a drastic change in my life in the form of a series of very strange events. Results through these techniques, they take time, but show up they certainly do. In fact, what you are now reading and what I am now doing is an application of these very techniques.

I am going to tell you the things I did, and I do, and I discovered. Some real things to do, which if you sincerely follow for a length of time, will guarantee that you achieve your goals. It is that straight. Simple!

These principles work! They are law. Like gravity. It doesn't matter what you think, who you are, whether you have money or not, whether you are young or old, male or female, have a fair complexion or a dusky one or a wheatish one, or whether you have the skills or not, nothing matters. Regardless, they will work for you. Period.


What can I do with the knowledge given in this workshop?
What can you not?

If you feel you are stuck, and nothing is working for you -- may be you have been trying for a long time to get a promotion, or to burn some fat off your body, or you have tried your best to get some clients for your business but it's been a long time and it now feels like a curse. If that's the case, this workshop may just be the key that will unlock your fortune and pave way for you to meet your dream.

To most of us, the word goal seems like it has something to do with business. It is often related with words such as vision, mission, objective, strategy, etc., all of which are to do with business.

But in neuro linguistic science, the word goal has a very special meaning. And it also has a lot of power. When you turn your wishes into goals, you lend them power, and you lend yourself the power to accomplish them.

As an individual, we tend to have wishes. To be rich, to have more money, to get leaner, to drive and own a better car, to have our own house to live in, to live in a better house, to get a pay raise, to not have bad habits, etc. When you turn your wishes into goals, as I will show you how in this workshop, with the proper application of the knowledge you receive in this workshop, you will be able to achieve any of these wishes for yourself. What seemed like an uncontrollable reality given upon you as your condition in life, will now become a situation you control and can change to your liking.

Every business sets goals. Businesses are built around goals. To increase sales, to get a bigger market share, to get return orders, to have an increased employee morale, to reduce attrition, to reduce costs, to get a greater return on investments, to create more brand equity and get more visibility in the market and so on.

If you are a saleman, would you not like to double your sales? Or write ten times as much as your sales target? Is there a lead that has suddenly gone radio silent on you? Do you want to convert them? You can.

All said and done, let me emphasis this: the change you are seeking, the results you are seeking are not going to happen overnight. Nothing happens overnight. It is not like you come out of the workshop, go to sleep that night and the next morning you are a rich business tycoon with a six pack ab. No. But if you give it time, and do what I tell you to do sincerely, there is nothing, absolutely nothing that will stand in your way, in between you and the thing you desire.


You organized this event?
Yes, I did. Even though the folks at Dwarika Projects Limited have been very kind to sponsor some of the costs, for the most part, I have organized and arranged everything myself. If you need my help in organizing an event of this kind for your company, I'd be happy to do it at a price. Get in touch.