I Am A Goal Achiever Episode 1: The Cavalry Ain't Coming

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Sunday, 24th July 2011

When you have your goals clearly written down and you're taking the steps to achieve them, your life will suddenly take off. You'll get a burst of good luck initially.

With that, you'll also meet with a lot of resistence. You'll meet many obstacles. It's not going to be an easy ride. There will be blood. And no one is going to come to the rescue. Your false friends will reveal their falsehood to you. No one will be sending the army. "The cavalry ain't coming," like Chris Gardner's mother used to say to him. You will have to tread the journey alone. For success, too, will be yours alone. So, it must only be just that you find yourself alone on the wrong side of the ocean of obstacles. But have the faith. For you alone have all the resources to make it to the other end.