Ten Things Every .NET Developer Must Know

Sunday, 16th February 2014

This is a 1-day training program for .NET developers.

The program will be held on Saturday, 15th March 2014 from 9 AM to 6 PM at Hotel Orange Pie, Noida.

This is a paid program. To attend, you should register by clicking the round Register button at the bottom of this page.

What You Will Learn

This training teaches you the ten most essential skills you need to do your job as a .NET developer.

These are things you do or are required to do over and over again, no matter what client you are working for or what project you are on.

While we may not be able to sum up all the skills required for being a good programmer into a few essential ones, we make such a summation of the most essential techniques a .NET developer is required to use on his day job to be a productive worker for his company.

If you are a C# developer, whether you make line-of-business applications or write libraries and components, whether you work for a software services company or a product development company or you work in a research and development business, these are the ten things that you need to be skilled at to do your job well.

These are fundamental building blocks and yet, they are also the foundation of complex software systems.

  1. Extension methods
  2. Enumereators
  3. Collections
  4. Delegates
  5. Dependency Injection
  6. Linq extension methods
  7. Reflection
  8. Custom configuration sections
  9. Factory method
  10. Inversion of Control

This training program teaches you these skills from the ground-up helping you understand them, think about them, giving you practice in coding these things up and helping you master them. After this training, you will find yourself more productive at your work.


I mostly use very few or no Power Point slides. It's mostly writing code. I'll explain something, then code it up, and then ask you to think about it and then write code yourself.

Laptops and Wifi

There are no computers in the facility. You may bring your own laptop to practice the examples. And I strongly recommend that you do to get the most out of this training. All of my training is "let's do it together in code" rather than a Power Point driven discourse.

There's Wifi in the facility. But still, to be on the safe side, bring your data cards.

Who should attend?

All software engineers, senior software engineers and architects who want to write better software and become better software craftsmen.

What should you already know?

You should be a working software developer who uses C#.

Course duration 1 day

Course Date

Saturday, 15th March 2014, 9 AM to 6 PM

Training Venue

Hotel Orange Pie,
A-1, Sector-66,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301
Phone: 0120 248 4063


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Directions on how to get there

If you're approaching from the National Highway #24 (NH-24), ask someone about how to get to the Fortis Hospital in Sector 62, Noida.

From the Fortis Hospital, keep driving straight until you get the to the next intersection / red-light / crossing, i.e. the first intersection after the Fortis Hospital. That intersection is called Mamura Chowk. If you're not sure, ask someone at Fortis how to get to Mamura Chowk.

From Mamura Chowk, i.e. from the first red-light crossing immediately after the Fortis Hospital take a left turn.

Drive straight for 200 meters and you'll hit the first intersection / red-light on this road. Stop at the red-light crossing. Look to your right. The Hotel Orange Pie billboard will be visible.

Take a right turn and drive for 30 meters until you reach the hotel gate.

The locality is Sector 66, Noida. It is also called Mamura (pronounced M-moooo-raaa) because of the adjoining village Mamura.

Hotel Orange Pie Driving Directions

Click the image to see a larger image of driving directions

What you will get at the end of this training program

  1. A certificate of participation
  2. Hand-outs containing practice exercises for you to do later
  3. A CD-ROM with all the code written during the training and all even the code that couldn't be written during the training program for paucity of time but was used to illustrate concepts

Course Fee:

Rs.3,000 per person all inclusive of taxes.

The price includes training charges, lunch and morning and evening tea with snacks.

There are no discounts on bulk bookings.

Rs.3,000 per person

inclusive of all taxes

also includes the price of food & beverages

Register Now

I do not make any guarantees of how much you will improve as a result of this training program. That depends entirely on you. I've been told time and again that I am a good teacher. If you're a good student, you will benefit greatly from this training program.

I do not make any claims about getting you a job.

How to register

If you are an individual and you want to register yourself or your friends, please click the Register button below.

If you are an organization within the Delhi/NCR and you would like to nominate five or more of your employees to attend this program, please do get in touch with me, but please do leave your full name, the company name, your official email address and a telephone number to get back in touch with you.

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