Technical Orientation for the Technical Recruiter: a training program absolutely essential for recruiters

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Wednesday, 28th November 2012

This is a training program that is absolutely essential for recruiters. Specifically for those recruiters who work in executive search firms engaged in hiring people for software engineering roles for their clients. Whether your client has asked you to hire software engineers, software development managers, or architects, the skills imparted in this training program are absolutely essential for your success in fulfilling your client's orders.

Ok. We're an Executive Search Firm in the business of hiring software developers and such like. But, we're doing alright! Why is this necessary?
Because you're doing just alright while you can do better. A whole lot better. Forget business as usual. I am talking about taking your business revenue through the roof.

Consider this.

It takes a good programmer to judge another. A mediocre programmer cannot judge the programming talent or employablity of another programmer. A bad programmer certainly can't judge anything. And guess if a non-programmer can judge the employability of a programmer?

You're right! He or she can't.

Yet, that's what happens everywhere.

Recruiters and recruiting organizations view the activites involved in the recruitment process as an assembly line, the mechanics of which may be isolated. In other words, for instance, recruiters looking for doctors think that they can identify candidates who want to apply for jobs as doctors, as being good or bad fits, without having any knowledge of the field of medicine. This is because they view the recruitment process as being an isolated one concerning the assembly line activities of collecting resumes, putting search strings in Google or job websites, sifting through resumes, calling candidates, etc.

The assumption, therefore, is that if you are a recruiter and you want to get better at your job, you need to get better at putting in relevant search strings into Google or or Monster. And you need to get better at collecting resumes, and better at getting referrals from candidates.

This assumption is fundamentally flawed. No matter how good you get at any of those activities, you will not see any growth in your business because you'd be catching the wrong end of the stick.

It is strange how jaded the perspective of a person can be, if he has no technical background, and is pitchforked, by design, by chance or by choice, into an occupation that requires technical knowledge.

Such individuals and organizations are always looking for some silver bullet, some magic pill that will get their business off the ground. But that's an ignorant stance.

Recruitment consultants recruiting for IT positions must have sound technical knowledge to do their job well. Currently, there is no course anywhere that caters specifically to the needs of IT recruiters. This is the one course of its kind that does. In this course, I teach your recruitment consultants and sales people for 3 days, all about programming languages, databases, and even how to write code so that they feel completely confident to take on developers and customers in their business dealings, they are able to better understand requirements, and identify and exploit sales opportunities when they get mandates.

Benefits of this program
With this training program:

  1. Recruitment consultants will form a strong understanding of the mainstream technologies today.

  2. You will see a drastic reduction in the turnaround time to match suitable profiles with mandates.

  3. With a complete understanding of the technological domain, your sales team and recruitment team both will merge into one team of business-opportunity-conscious recruiters and salespeople who can identify sales opportunities even within existing mandates.

If you are a recruiter or someone in-charge of a recruitment firm that hires people for the IT industry, having your recruitment and sales team undergo this training program will:

  1. Drastically decrease the turnaround time you currently experience in matching candidates with job descriptions/mandates;

  2. Increase your sales.

I help you achieve these objectives by:

  1. Training your team of recruiters and sales staff with the absolutely essential technology skills they need to perform their job. Without these, they're aiming darts at a wilderness covered in pitch darkness. No matter what strategy you have, you will not succeed without this essential training program.

  2. Offering you my consultancy service that helps you build expertise within your organization.

Have you done this with any client(s)?
Yes, I have already conducted this training program with two clients who are very happy with the results and have signed me up for a continued long-term engagement to train their workforce. I enjoy serving them and they enjoy my services. However, they have requested me to keep their names undisclosed.

I can help your team, too. If you are interested, please let me know and I will be happy to talk to you about it at length.

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