Believe In Just Yourself

Sunday, 3rd March 2013

In this wicked wilderness that we call the world, there is no one except your family (if you are lucky to have a loving one, which I am) who will lookout for you, stand by you, help you, support you.

You are all, all, all alone. Very alone. Very.

But the good news is: that's enough. You alone are all you need to accomplish your goal. That you need someone else to help you is an illusion you have created for yourself.

Life is cruel and wicked. Everyone is busy trying to get by.

The force of life itself is against life. Creation and destruction are interleaved. If you choose to progress, do not be afraid of the bad things that will come your way. Do not worry about criticism you receive from others. Do not let other people's world-view define you.

Everyone is neurotic because that is the normal condition and response to the unpredictable cruelty of life. Some people are either too pessimistic and they will criticize everyone including themselves, and yet others are too optimistic and have fooled themselves into believing that this world is all sunshine and we are all good people and that they are the paragons of selflessness.

Let none of those views define your self-esteem. Know only this -- one day, you will die. And nothing will mean nothing. You will just as easily be forgotten as you are dead.

Work only because you believe. Do what you like and believe in. That will create something for others, though your purpose is not to create something for others. Your purpose is not altruistic at all. It is selfish to the core. But do it because it comes from within you.

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