Certifications are a Scam - 4

Monday, 10th December 2012

They're a crude form of business.

When you have little money, you spend it on necessities such as food. When you have a little more than you need, you buy things that make you comfortable. When you have more than your comfort, you buy the ability to boast to others about how you're squandering the excesses away without feeling any pain. It makes you feel better than those that don't have that much money.

Like when you narrate that incident about how you were asked to pay three times as much and you had a choice to walk away but you paid it anyway because you had very little time at hand.


People who buy certifications do it for two reasons:

  1. They are innocent, gullible people who think that the certification will get them somewhere in life. I assure you folks, you'll be where you are with it, and that much poorer for it. Instead, put that money you've set aside as payment for the certification into your own self-development or to sell yourself. Get some visiting cards and brochures printed with it instead and go and start meeting people about buying your services.
  2. They've got spare cash. They are not stupid. They are smart, but they want to feel rich. They know they're giving it away but they'd rather for want of the joy that you get when from spending money, esp. when you spend it on something you absolutely don't need.

If you still feel you've got some extra money and you still want to spend it away on a certification program, please give it to me. I will be happy to accept your money and give you a nice certificate, which will cost me about Rs.15 to print. I can put whatever you want on it.

"Taekwondo and Six-sigma blackbelt, the Lord of the Rings, and a father of at least two. Plus gold-medalist in Agile, PRINCE2, RUB, SCRUB, SCRUM and LEAN," for only USD $4,500.

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