Design Pattern Monkeys Are Monkeys

Friday, 23rd November 2012

Some things command people's obsessions wrongly. Design patterns are one of them.

Make it simple. Get it to work first. Make a working example that you fully understand. Then, let it evolve.

Don't wear a design pattern badge on your shirt just because you read about a design pattern last week or have known one for years and are dying to find an opportunity to apply it.

Goal oriented work, or task oriented work, i.e., developing software with an end in mind, finding the means of achieving that end by finding the right solution for the task at hand is a much better way to develop software. You have a better chance of creating something useful that people can use than if you memorize design pattern scenarios and wait to identify one.

Design patterns are useful, but only when you discover that you've inadvertently applied one. That locks you at an unconscious level into the habit of doing the same thing every time you encounter a similar problem, a psychological design pattern.

There's far too much of intellectual dishonesty in the software development community already. People who memorize design patterns usually create more problems without solving a single one.

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