Design Pattern Monkeys Are Monkeys - 2

Wednesday, 28th November 2012

One needs to be loyal to the task at hand, and not be searching for a place to stick a pattern they learnt. There are too many people (who can't code anything but are called architects) patrolling the IT landscape asking everybody if they used that pattern or not and why not if not.

People who beat the pattern dead horse never get started and therefore never create anything. They probably never did create anything ever.

If you're (as in a developer is) not in the same place (metaphorically speaking, as in, on the same level of maturity) as those that discovered patterns and wrote about them, you shouldn't focus on the pattern. That removes your focus and loyalty from solving the problem at hand.

I use design patterns intuitively. They are condensed knowledge that a bunch of people who were not only great programmers but also were deep thinkers discovered as being applicable in repeating scenarios.

I am arguing against a stereotype of the population in our industry that use the design pattern shtick as an archetype.

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