Motivation Is Internal

Monday, 4th March 2013

A lot of people ask me, "What should I do to get motivation? Can you recommend some good books?"

Asking someone to give you some motivation is an ignorant, consumerist statement.

Motivational is internal. If you don't have it in you, it is because you are leading a comfortable and wasteful, unproductive life.

Motivation comes from a reason that's inside you. You don't go and buy motivation like you buy everything else. It's not like, "We drink Pepsi. We go to that restaurant to have dinner. We get our motivation from this fellow, he's just great."

If you don't have a reason, all the motivational books, audio tapes and video will not help you. You may get pumped up in one session, but your lust for improvement will not prevail the decietful variety of experiences that everyday life offers.

Once you find a reason within you, you need regular reinforcement. That may come from another person outside you or from your own effort.

Sometimes, you may have a reason lying dormant deep inside you and then someone could show up in your life and shake you awake to the reason. Once that fire alights in you, you will burn in your own misery of separation from your goal until you achieve it.

I like to talk about goals. Tell your company to invite me for a talk. You may find your reason.

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