The One Method to Acting or to Learning Anything

Saturday, 17th November 2012

With acting, as with any thing else, the wanting to do it makes you good at it over time.

When you want to do it, you find ways, you think about it most of the time, you take notes, you observe, you practice directing your mind to a specific object (concentration) or past memory (sense memory), you practice outward gestures and movements, you repeat practice, you find what's not working with your way, you find a better way. You work to develop and enhance self-awareness, an inner kind of awareness of your feelings.

That's the method; that's also The Method, the Stanislavski Method. There's no other method to acting. In truth, that's the method for learning anything. Thinkers such as Stanislavski formalized their intuition and presented it in writing. It was common sense formalized. The rest of us who spare our brains from the tough job of thinking run after methods like sheep.

In reality, there's no method to anything.

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