The Software Development Process is Self-Managing

Monday, 3rd December 2012

There is no need to manage it. If developers are left alone to do their work, they'll figure out how to do it, given the quiet and the time.

The presence of a management creates the need to manage.

Most of the effort in software development companies is spent in managing a friction that is created because of the presence of two polar mentalities -- one that has to labor, think and create the stuff (and this is an extremely difficult task) and the other that has absolutely no idea how to create stuff; it only creates pressure. Most software development management effort is spent in managing the management so that they don't do something totally bad that completely screws all software development effort. This friction and the management of this friction is a continuous effort.

Remove one of the two kinds and the friction and the need to manage anything is gone. You can't remove developers because they're the ones who are going to make the stuff.

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