The Methodology Republic

Saturday, 24th November 2012

Design patterns are harmless. Design pattern zealots are dangerous. But a worse kind of perpetrators are the brigadiers of methodologies. Agile, SCRUM, PRINCE2, LEAN, this, that and the other. Snake oil peddlers, them! Real developers don't care about all this. People who claim to be experts in methodologies are mostly those who can't write code to save their lives.

What companies need are good developers who read books and practice writing code every day. Corporate cultures don't allow that, sadly. Thinking and studying are considered as wasteful activities. So, everyone has turned their back to the solution to discuss the problem of why software isn't getting written on time and why it isn't as they wanted it. The methodology republic is the excess weight on the ship. If they really faced the truth, they'd fire themselves and hire developers who can write code and leave them alone to do their job.

This issue deserves a full length article. Later.

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