The Methodology Republic - 2

Friday, 30th November 2012

Mediocre minds are more susceptible to hetro-suggestion and have a stronger sense of community than a free-spirited reasoning mind. Suggestion works better on groups, communities and the unthinking, community-dependent individual rather than on the reasoning, thinking individual because groups and community-oriented individuals cannot reason.

To plant an idea, one must find a target ready to accept suggestion. An ideal target is a mind that is ready for receiving suggestion: a mind that creates its own lack of knowing, which it believes another can fulfil; a mind conditioned to revere, conform and follow; a mind in which low self-esteem and worship for the demagogue has been drummed into; a mind that has an unerasable distinction between itself and celebrity.

For the effectiveness of the suggestion, the target's judgement must be compromised by overwhelming its mind with confusion and low self-esteem. This is done by creating an elaborate paraphernalia of conflicting clich├ęs and garden vareity banalities before ingesting the idea.

That is why these bogus methodologies have elaborate frameworks, a copious literature and their evangelists attack groups and organizations.

Straight talkers can't do that. So, they neither sell nor buy into this fad.

The beauty of it is that like every other, this too is a craft. It is dishonest, but a harmless craft nevertheless. Its harlems are either cons or self-deluded souls.

Bills are for all to pay. I don't have a problem with letting everyone earn, whatever their carft, enough to pay their bills. But only as long as . It is the mindless adherance with a religious fervor making way for oppression that I find irksome.

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