This Architect Business Is a Sham

Wednesday, 13th March 2013

The IT industry's architect business is a sham because it is based on two fallacious assumptions:

  1. Myth: That you can separate thinking from doing.

    Truth: You can only do that for jobs that involve physical labor, and not for jobs where thinking is a critical part of the work.

  2. Myth: That writing code is a simple labor oriented activity and can be left to the less competent developers, in that developers are like workers, and that writing code is a basic component of the assembly line.

    Truth: Designing software is inextricable from the process of writing software. You cannot delegate the thinking about what code is to be written to a person who himself does not write code or has never written code in many years.

    Writing code is very tough.

In this industry, there are really only two types of work that are being done: you are either a programmer or you are not. The distinction is a simple binary one.

You cannot be a non-programmer and make programming decisions. Architecture is not separable from programming. There's no such thing as an architect separate from a programmer. The whole architect affair is a sham.

Hello, Mrs. Company. You don't need an architect. You just need good developers. Writing code is the only productive work in the software development industry. Make everyone write code. Don't make your archtiects not write code. If you do, you're bulking up cost and you have no one but yourself to blame.

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