10 Tips For Success At Business Meetings

Sunday, 13th November 2011

I'm smart as hell, but a pencil, I can't sell.
- Yours truly


If you're a salesman, these tips will help you improve your luck at business meetings. They're simple, yet most powerful.

  1. Think it. Script it. Rehearse it. Don't open your mouth unless you have a script.
  2. Remember to remember the duffer's name. And use it often.
  3. Pass her a smile, will ya?
  4. Look the look. A suitable attire does half the thing.
  5. Shhh! Listen. Don't talk. Let 'em talk, even if you had something important to say.
  6. Ask questions about their needs.
  7. For magical results, take notes.
  8. You are the star. Your opening lines will say if the theatre likes you.
  9. Never leave without nailing down the next steps.
  10. Send minutes immediately afterwards or within 24 hours, whichever is earlier.

And now, if your stores of leisure time and a sense that will appreciate mild humour are not scanty, read on.