Sorry, I am totally after your money! And I have no qualms telling you that.

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Thursday, 14th July 2011

I am not in the business of liking you. I am in the business of being in business. Like you, I do things to support my family. So, I am not out to improve the society or the quality of living, or to make you a better person. It's a hard enough full-time job doing that to myself already.

I don't love you. I am not a guru. I am not a pundit. I am just a guy. I am going somewhere. I know a few things. I bet my whole life on them. I beleive in them. I want to tell you what those are, and tell you my story, and I want to tell you that you can do it, too, if you simply decide.

I want to touch your heart. I want to show you that you and I have the same amount of resources and they are about more than enough to get us what we want.

But I want your money first. I don't love you, once again. I won't tell you I do. It's your pockets I want to reach into, not your pants. I love money.

I have my own financial goals and I am out to do something about them. This. And I am selfish to the extent that what I do to help you falls in alignment with me helping myself to achieve my goals. What I will give you is way more in value than the little amount of money I am asking in return. What I will tell you could change your entire life.

But show me the money first.