Success is formulaic

Wednesday, 7th December 2011

Success is formulaic; the result of single-mindedness of purpose, a definite plan for its achievement, immediate subsequent action, unswerving faith, and a relentless perserverance to match. The recipe is simply this.

  1. Decide exactly what it is you want. Write it down, in no uncertain terms, on a piece of paper.
  2. Obsess over your object of desire.
  3. Make a five-year plan. From that, make a two-year plan. From that, make a one-year plan. From that, make a monthly, weekly and then daily plan.
  4. Without any delay, plunge into action. Start carrying out your plan, whether you have any help or not; the help will show up. Start, whether you think you are ready or not, whether a way for the attainment of your desire is in sight or not.
  5. Live frugally.
  6. Review your plans frequently. You may change your plans but never the object of your desire. Obsess over your object of desire.
  7. Eliminate all options of retreat. If you expect failure in the slightest and make provisions for it, it will not disappoint you. Failure you will meet with. Burn all your boats, all options of retreat and march ahead as if there was no possibility for failure.
  8. Even then, you will fail many times on your way. Failure is the gatekeeper to success. Do not be scared of it. Consider every failure as the passing of another milestone on the journey towards your destination. Do not mentally dwell on your failures. Ignore them and continue.
  9. Obsess over your object of desire.
  10. Keep doing your stuff. There will be deadly demons. There will be long, dark nights. Persevere. Keep your faith and keep at your stuff. People will cheat you. Forgive them. Keep at your stuff. You may run out of money. Look for means to reboot. The means will show up. Mighty blows will strike your chest. Weep. Then, resume. Keep doing your stuff.

Voluntary destitution will lead on to riches. If on small sums, you are kept, large sums will be entrusted to you. If, for your cause, fearlessly you survive on poverty's limb, the riches will come to you.

If, with faith, you persist and work towards what you see with only your closed eyes, come the riches will, and in such abundance as will astound the limits of your imagination.

All has been created thus. With imagination, persistence, and faith in the unseen. It's been said before. Countless times. It has been done before our very eyes.

Brave it.